Sasha’s baby is in kindergarten. One day, she learned about Dadi-Coach from her teacher. Sasha asked for details about how to be a dadi-coach. As a kind woman with many friends, she shared the information with the other mothers. There were 6 children signed up to learn through the APP of

Sasha became a dadi-coach with the help of her baby’s teacher. She shared this project with her friends. Sasha’s friend became a new dadi-coach, too. To be a dadi-coach, the mother of the babies, Sasha, can get some financial subsidies.

David is a teacher. When he got the information about dadi-coach on September 10 this year, he was nervous. He was not sure how to be a dadi-coach. He worried about the students. When he checked the materials about dadi-coach. He became confident. He offered some id to the children of his friends and neighbors; he helped them learn through the APP of ABCmouse, and the children were glad to talk with him. Soon, there were 5 students. Each one paid 1500 yuan; David received 7500 yuan. As a dadi-coach, David hopes to inspire more students to learn English.

Cindy is an English teacher in Dadi Kindergarten. She was very experienced with ABCmouse. She enrolled some of her students in Dadi-Coach after learning about it. There were 12 kindergarten graduates signed up to learn ABCmouse. Each one paid 2380 yuan. She shared the income with the kindergarten. Cindy received 14,280 yuan in all. Cindy works on the coaching staff.

Xiao Mi is a university student. She wants to start a business for herself. When she got the information about dadi-coach, she discussed it with her teacher. Her teacher thought that was a good project to be a dadi-coach. They work as a team to be a dadi-coach. Her teacher has a good understanding of the children; Xiao Mi can be a good English teacher; she can talk with the children. They work together as a team. The best mode is to be a dadi-coach, start with the children of our friends and neighbors.